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Spring 2022 Advanced Programs - Advanced Programs Face to Face or Virtual - International and Area Studies

[IAS 5793] Grad Studies in Intl Relations - 222

Jarrett Jobe

Course Description

Graduate Studies in International Relations

This three-credit hour course is designed to provide students in the MA program in International Relations with a foundation for success in MAIR coursework by focusing on (i) analytical writing skills in the context of contemporary global issues; and (ii) critical concepts and foundational works in international relations theory. The course begins with a focus on effective analytical writing in the field of international relations. Students will read compelling analytical essays addressing contemporary global issues and will discuss both the substance and the structure of the arguments. With these essays as models, students will work on their own analytical writing through practice, peer review and rewriting.

Topics that will be reviewed include core concepts of international relations theory, international institutions and NGO’s, domestic influences on international relations and conflict. 

Class Dates, Format, Location and Hours

Dates:February 8 - 13, 2022
Format:Face to Face
Location for on-site courses:Panzer Strasse, Army Education Center, Bldg. 2915, 4th Floor
Room 402B, Panzer Kaserne, 71032, Boblingen, Germany
Hours:Tuesday - Friday 6:00-9:30 pm
Saturday and Sunday 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Last day to enroll or drop without penalty:January 10, 2022

Site Director

NameMs. Lowell Tilden
Office address/locationPanzer Strasse, Army Education Center, Bldg. 2915, 4th Floor, Room 402A
Panzer Kaserne, 71032, Boblingen, Germany
Office hoursMonday – Friday 0930 – 1700
DSN and CIV phoneDSN: 596-3304 or CIV: 49-(0)9641-70-596-3304

Professor Contact Information

Course Professor:Jarrett E. Jobe, PhD
Mailing Address:Leadership Central
100 North University Drive – Box 109
Edmond, OK 73034
Telephone Number:(405) 974-2626
Professor availability:The professor will be available via e-mail to students.

Textbook(s) and Instructional Materials

Student materials are available at the OU Bookstore Website at The website has book selling, renting, buying, returning, and order tracking capabilities. If you need help with an order, or if you have any questions contact the toll-free phone at 1-(855)-790-6637, agents are available from 9a – 5p (EST) Monday – Friday. Text prices are available online.

Additional Materials posted on the OU Canvas learning management system: Access Canvas at , enter your OU NetID and password, and select course to access material. If you require assistance with Canvas, please click on the Help icon. You can search the Canvas guides, chat with Canvas support, or contact OU IT. Relevant pieces for discussions may be added.

a.      The Charter of the United Nations.

b.      Huntington, Samuel. “The Clash of Civilizations,” Foreign Affairs, Summer 1993.

c.      Krasner, Stephen. “Compromising Westphalia,” International Security, Vol. 20, No. 3, Winter 1995.

d.      Waltz, K. (2000). “Structural Realism after the Cold War.” International Security, Vol. 25, No. 1. pp 5-41.

e.      Putnam, Robert. “Diplomacy and Domestic Politics: The Logic of Two-Level Games,” International Organization, Summer 1988 Vol. 42, No. 3.

f.       Barnett, Michael and Martha Finnemore. “The Politics, Power and Pathologies of International Organizations,” International Organization,

Autumn 1999 Vol. 53, No 4.

g.      Walt, S.M. (1998). “International Relations: One World, Many Theories,” Foreign Policy, vol. 110, pp. 29-47, available at

h.      Buzan, B. and Little, R., (2001). “Why International Relations Has Failed As An Intellectual Project and What To Do About It,” Millennium, vol. 30

pp. 19-39.

i.       Gause, F.G. (2005). “Can Democracy Stop Terrorism,” Foreign Affairs, vol. 84, pp. 62-76,

A World in Disarray : American Foreign Policy and the Crisis of the Old Order
A World in Disarray : American Foreign Policy and the Crisis of the Old Order
by Haass, Richard
Published by Penguin Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780399562365
War and Change in World Politics
War and Change in World Politics
by Gilpin, Robert A
Published by Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521273763

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course students should:

1.      Develop the ability to analyze academic works in a cogent and concise manner.

2.      Understand critical concepts in the field of international relations study.

3.      Gain an understanding of seminal works in the academic field of international relations. 

Course Outline


·        Introductions, Course Expectations and Assignments

·        International Relations, why do we examine IR and what is our purpose?

·        Group Presentation Meetings


·        Current Topic Discussion

·        Waltz and Gilpin Readings: IR Theory, Levels of Analysis

·        Group Presentation Meetings


·        Current Topic Discussion

·        Huntington and Krasner Readings: Conflict and Sovereignty

·        Group Presentation Meetings


·        Current Topic Discussion

·        Putnam, Barnett and Finnemore Readings: IO’s, NGO’s, Domestic Influence in IR

·        The United Nations

·        Group Presentation Meetings


·        Current Topic Discussion

·        Haass Reading

·        Gender, Peace and Foreign Policy and other regional Issues in International Relations

·        Course Presentations and Final Exam Preparation


Final Exam

Assignments, Grading and Due Dates

Class Participation/Attendance - 20%:

Students are expected to have read the assigned readings before each class period and to attend class and participate in a thoughtful and meaningful manner. The quality of each student’s comments and preparedness will be considered for this portion of the grade. As this is a graduate course, students are expected to actively participate in discussion and leading conversations.

IR Relevant Presentation - 20%:

On Tuesday night (the first night of class), students will be assigned one of four relevant IR topic conversations. Student’s role will be to lead the conversation for an hour covering the assigned topic. Current topics that could be considered are the following: Iran and Nuclear Sanctions, Women’s Rights and Education, The Situation in Yemen, The Situation in Syria and Boko Haram and Nigeria, Policy versus Theory This list is not exhaustive but should give you an            idea concerning the topics that may be included.

Article Review/Paper - 20%:

Students will participate in reviewing an article from the course readings. They will choose between the Samuel Huntington or Stephen Krasner piece. This is intended to develop your skills in assessing academic work in an efficient and clear manner. Your assignment is to complete a three to four-page review of one the articles.  I will be looking for the following items:

1.      What is the principal thesis in each article?

2.      What are the strengths of the arguments made in the article?

3.      What are the weaknesses of the arguments made in the article?

4.      How would you rate the value of this work?

5.      Does the article leave significant unanswered questions? 

The papers should be double spaced, 12pt times new roman, one-inch margins. This paper will be due one week from the final class period, February 20th.

Course Final – Paper and Submission - 40%:

A final examination will be administered the final Sunday afternoon of class. During the previous class meetings, certain topics will be communicated to students that will be part of their final examination. The exam will only cover topics discussed in class or in the readings.

Students will complete a final that answers topics and questions covered during the course. This will be an in-class exam that consists of two sections: a multiple-choice section and an essay section. The multiple-choice component will be delivered first and will be without notes or sources. The essay portion will be the second component and will be open note. The instructor requests you bring some device to support typing the essay portion for ease of writing and editing. Since this is an open note piece, a laptop or tablet with notes, articles etc. is encouraged.


This is a letter-graded course: A, B, C, D, or F. Percentage of grade will be determined by the assignments listed above


Attendance/Grade Policy

Attendance and participation in interaction, individual assignments, group exercises, simulations, role playing, etc. are valuable aspects of any course because much of the learning comes from discussions in class with other students. It is expected that you attend all classes and be on time except for excused emergencies.

Excused absences are given for professor mandated activities or legally required activities such as emergencies or military assignments. It is the policy of the University to excuse absences of students that result from religious observances and to provide without penalty for the rescheduling of examinations and additional required class work that may fall on religious holidays. Unavoidable personal emergencies, including (but not limited to) serious illness; delays in getting to class because of accidents, etc.; deaths and funerals, and hazardous road conditions will be excused.

If you are obtaining financial assistance (TA, STAP, FA, VA, Scholarship, etc.) to pay all or part of your tuition cost, you must follow your funding agency/institution’s policy regarding “I” (Incomplete) grades unless the timeline is longer than what the University policy allows then you must adhere to the University policy. Students who receive Financial Aid must resolve/complete any “I” (Incomplete) grades by the end of the term or he/she may be placed on “financial aid probation.” If the “I” grade is not resolved/completed by the end of the following term, the student’s Financial Aid may be suspended make the student ineligible for further Financial Aid.

Students are responsible for meeting the guidelines of Tuition Assistance and Veterans Assistance. See the education counselor at your local education center for a complete description of your TA or VA requirements.

OU faculty will submit grades online through ONE not later than 30 days after the course end date. Course end dates are approximately one calendar month after the final seminar date on this syllabus and are provided on the official scheduling website for reference.

Academic Integrity and Student Conduct 

Academic integrity means honesty and responsibility in scholarship. Academic assignments exist to help students learn; grades exist to show how fully this goal is attained. Therefore all work and all grades should result from the student's own understanding and effort.

Academic misconduct is any act which improperly affects the evaluation of a student’s academic performance or achievement. Misconduct occurs when the student either knows or reasonably should know that the act constitutes misconduct. Academic misconduct includes: cheating and using unauthorized materials on examinations and other assignments; improper collaboration, submitting the same assignment for different classes (self-plagiarism); fabrication, forgery, alteration of documents, lying, etc…in order to obtain an academic advantage; assisting others in academic misconduct; attempting to commit academic misconduct; destruction of property, hacking, etc…; intimidation and interference with integrity process; and plagiarism. All students should review the Student’s Guide to Academic Integrity at 

Students and faculty each have responsibility for maintaining an appropriate learning environment. All students should review policies regarding student conduct at 

Accommodation Statement

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Adjustment for Pregnancy/Childbirth-Related Issues

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Course Policies

Extended Campus (also and formerly known as Advanced Programs) policy is to order books in paperback if available. Courses, dates, and professors are subject to change. Please check with your OU Site Director. Students should retain a copy of any assignments that are e/mailed to the professor for the course. Neither duplicating services nor office supplies are provided.

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Statement on Respect

The classroom should provide a safe learning environment where students can express their views without fear of reprisal. That freedom of expression must be balanced by demonstrated respect for other’s viewpoints and appropriate and reasonable sensitivity, especially within the context of scholarly disagreement.  Disrespectful or uncivil dialogue (including, but not limited to, personal attacks, insults, or harassment) will not be tolerated.

Recording Devices/Phones/Computers

It is important for students to be fully present during class to fully benefit from lectures, discussions, and experiential assignments. Class sessions may not be tape-recorded. All telephones and pagers should be turned off or placed on silent mode. Computers may not be used during class. Students who require an exception to this policy should discuss exceptional circumstances with the professor.


Jarrett E. Jobe, Ph.D.


·        2012   Doctor of Philosophy. Political Science. Major Fields - International Relations, Public Policy, American Politics. University of Oklahoma

·        2001   Bachelor of Science, Forensic Science, University of Central Oklahoma

Frequently Taught Extended Campus (Advanced Programs) Courses

·        IAS 5940        The International System and the United Nations

·        IAS 5793        Graduate Studies in International Relations

Professional Experience

·        2018 – Current University of Central Oklahoma, Assistant Vice President of Leadership

·        2010 – Current University of Central Oklahoma, Leadership Central, Executive Director of        Student Leadership Programs

·        2008 – 2010    University of Central Oklahoma, Office of the President, Coordinator of Special Programs and Events

·        2004 – 2008    University of Oklahoma, Institute of Public Affairs, Assistant Evaluator

·        2004 – Current University of Central Oklahoma, Assistant Instructor/Lecturer, Model United     Nations

·        2013 – Current Assistant Instructor, Leadership Minor, Global Service and Leadership: Peru,     South Africa, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Cuba, Uganda

·        2014 - Current Servant Leadership in Action, Leadership and Cultural Competency

·        2008 – 2011    Adjunct Lecturer, Success Central

·        2014 - Current University of Oklahoma, Adjunct Lecturer, Model United Nations

·        Summer 1999  Federal Bureau of Investigation, Honors Intern Program Summer 1999

Published/Submitted/Edited Work

·        Editor – Journal of Transformative Learning – Special Summer Issue 2020.

·        “Short Term Travel Abroad to Uganda and Guatemala: A Preliminary Assessment of Student Transformative Learning.” – August of 2020.

·        “Remembering, Serving, Succeeding” Old North Magazine, Vol. LV, No. 2. 2018.

·        “See the World, Serve the World” – Transformative Learning and Short Term Study Abroad. Transformative Teacher-Scholar Blog. December 2017.  

·        Teaching Leadership: A Holistic Approach to Student Leadership Development at the University of Central Oklahoma.” Journal of Transformative Learning. 2013.


Funded Research/Grants/Consulting

·        Foundations of LeadershipCurriculum Development/Presenter – Leadership UCO - Spring 2019

·        Student Transformative Learning Record: Global Service and Leadership Grant Recipient: Two paid internship appointments for literacy project in Uganda. January 2017 – June 2017

·        Coordinated Human Service Transportation: Impediments and Solutions at the State and Local Level, United States Department of Transportation, Federal Transit. Graduate Research Assistant for Tom James, Primary Investigator. Summer 2005, 2007.

·        Coordinated Statewide Child Restraint Survey, Oklahoma Highway Safety Office in Cooperation with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and The United States Department of Transportation. Graduate Research Assistant for Tom James, Primary Investigator. Summer 2005, 2007.


Conferences and Presentations

·        Leadership UCO – Faculty/Staff Leadership Development Program 0 UCO – 2020, 2021

·        Managing versus Leadership – Management Develop Program – UCO – 2020, 2021

·        Creating and Sustaining Transformative International Service Learning Experiences - Oklahoma Service Learning Conference – Fall 2018

·        Assessing Student Growth During Service Learning Study Abroad Experiences Using a Transformative Learning Framework – National Society for Experiential Educators – St. Pete’s Beach, Florida – September 2017.

·        Empower Women: Change the World – Conference Director and Organizer – April 8th, 2017. Partnership conference with the Center for Teaching about the UN (CTAUN), the University of Oklahoma and the United Nations Association of OKC.

·        TedX Presenter - Stewardship: How Leaders Live for Tomorrow, Today – Spring 2017

·        Let’s Get on the Same Page: Engaging Faculty, Staff and Students in the Transformative Learning Process – Transformative Learning Conference – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – March 2017

·        International Service Learning and Student Transformation: An Assessment of Experiences in Uganda and Guatemala – Transformative Learning Conference – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – March 2017

·        “The United Nations at 70” – Great Decision Series – Foreign Policy Association – Norman– 2016

·        Transformative Learning and Assessment – Texas A&M– San Antonio – Faculty Orientation –– 2015

·        Leadership and Development – Gulu University – Gulu, Uganda – Visiting Lecture –– 2015

·        The United Nations – Saratov State University – Saratov/Engels, Russia – Visiting Lecture - 2014

·        Engaging Global and Service Learning – National Society for Experiential Educations – Baltimore, MD – October 2014

·        Sustainable Model UN Experiences – American Model UN – Chicago, IL – November of 2013

·        The Social Construction of U.N. Peacekeeping Operations – Southern Political Science Conference – New Orleans, LA – January 2007

·        The Importance of Family Conditions for Mitigating Youth Risky Behavior – Southwest Political Science Conference – Albuquerque, NM – March 2007

Public Service/Speaking Invitations

·        Strategic Planning Process

Consultant – CARE (Child Abuse Response and Evaluation) – 2014

Team Member – UCO Vision 2020 Committee Member - 2013

·        Political Moderator

City of Choctaw Legislative Panel Moderator – June 2012 Primary Elections

City of Luther Town Board Panel Moderator – Spring 2013 General Elections

·        Keynote Speaker/Guest Panelist

McNair Scholars Program – Guest Speaker – Spr. 2021

Woody Guthrie Center – Folk the Vote – Guest Panelist - Spr. 2020

Oklahoma Admissions Counselor Conference – Guest Speaker - Sum. 2019

Tulsa Community College – Leadership Banquet Guest Speaker – Spr. 2019

University of Central Oklahoma Undergraduate Admissions – Leadership and You – Sum. 2018

University of Central Oklahoma Women’s Outreach Center – Defeating Imposter Syndrome - 2017

Woodward High School Nations Honor Society – Keynote Speaker – Spr. 2017

Southwest Model UN – Conference Keynote Speaker – 2014, 2015

Edmond Public Schools – Honor Society Induction – Spr. 2015

Alpha Delta Pi Sorority – New Member Induction – Spr. 2014

Alpha Lambda Delta Freshman Honor Society – New Member Induction – Spr. 2012



·        Modeling the Way Award – Academic Affairs – University of Central Oklahoma - 2019

·        Community Leadership Award – College of International Studies – University of Oklahoma - 2019

·        Awarded 40 under 40 Achiever in Oklahoma – Journal Record - 2018

·        Oklahoma College Public Relations Association – Bright Idea Award, Legislative Engagement - 2017

·        Graduate – Executive Leadership Program – UCO - 2017

·        Global Educational Leader: Higher Education – World Experiences Foundation - Fall 2016

·        President’s Award for Leadership and Civic Engagement – UCO – Fall 2014

·        Educator’s Leadership Academy – Graduate – 2013

·        Honorary Member – Golden Key International – UCO Chapter – 2013

·        Leadership Oklahoma – Linking Oklahoma’s Young Adult Leaders Class VII Graduate – 2012

·        Edmond’s top 30 under 35 citizens – 2008

·        Presidential Fellowship Travel Award – Vichy, France – Sum. 2006

·        Graduate Student Senate Association Travel Grant – Fall 2006

·        Political Science Departmental Travel Grant – Fall 2006

·        Leadership UCO - Class I Graduate – 2002


Service/Board Memberships

  •        Oklahoma Committee on Advancement of Science and Technology – Spring 2020
  •         Edmond City Council Veterans Memorial Planning Committee – Fall 2018
  •         Big Brothers/Big Sisters Board – Member - 2017 to 2020
  •         United Nations Association – USA – Member
  •       United Nations Association – Oklahoma City, OK – Member
  •         University of Central Oklahoma Alumni Association President – 2012-2014
  •         University of Central Oklahoma Alumni Association Vice President – 2010-2012
  •         University of Central Oklahoma Alumni Board Member – 2010 to 2016
  •         ACACIA Alumni Association – President – 2004 - 2016
  •         Oklahoma Regional Food Bank Volunteer
  •         Habitat for Humanity
  • Global Village Team Leader Certified
  • OKC/Edmond Volunteer
  •         Turning Point Ministries Volunteer
  • ·        Advanced Diver Certification, Rescue Diver, Open Water Scuba Certification – PADI Scuba